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A first for everything

May 9, 2008

Well, this is my first-ever blog post, in conjunction with the start – or “launch”, as they say – of my first-ever website, One thing I like is that ure allowed to make typohs – to retain that spontanius feel.

I hope visiting my website will prompt you to add a blog comment of your own here at the blogsite I’m calling “Converse Station” – because it’s a pun and I like puns on a page. That picture you see, by the way, is from and of the Golden Gate Bridge, with the fog rolling in. Fog rolling in is a problem I deal with daily, regardless of the weather. Same with bridges that look like they’re going nowhere, though that’s a secondary problem for me. I put the title letters in a sunny yellow … kind of like the sun breaking through the fog and lifting it. They call that subliminal.